Monday, September 11, 2017

Tackle your TBR Readathon: Update 1


Books Read: 2

It's time for another #TackleTBR redathon! I'm so excited to do this again and get some boks off my shelf. Visit Here to learn more.
My Goal is to read at least 10 books including these


Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Memory Project : Coate Rosemary Hall

September is here and for many thoughts are on a new term of school.

I hadn't thought of Choate in a very long time. When I was in Middle School I was part of a program that took a group of city youngsters to Choate for a summer program.

Choate was in Walingford CT a bit of a drive from New Haven where I grew up. I loved the Coate campus! That summer we had two hours of lessons in English and Math then lunch a break and swimming! 

Some of those summer days were quite muggy so we looked forward to afternoon art clas in the air conditioned Art building. 

We took various road trips that summer : The Boston Aquarium, Sleeping Giant park, etc, A day at Sea. But we also did a lot of projects on campus and the most memorable was the weeks we spent learning square dancing before giving a performance for the Dean of the school.

The square dancing was most awkward! Here we were preteens who rarely talked to the opposite sex ,and now we were putting hands on each others waists and learning difficult routines.

The auditorium we trained in was very large and also doubled as a Basketball court. 

While taking breaks from dancing we would clmb out to the storage area and lay on the mats talking and laughing. I spent two wonderful summers at Choate. Looking back I realize in many ways it was my Hogwarts! Look at their crest, it even has Hufflepuff colors in it!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

DC Icons Meet YA

Some of young Adults finest authors will be turning their skills to DC Comics Icons.  Leigh Bardugo is up first with Warbringer a novel that focuses on and adventure Diana has before the events of the Wonder Woman movie. I'll be reading this one soon and posting a review in the next few weeks!

Next up Marie Lu brings us an adventure with a younger Bruce Wayne. I read a sampler of this and I'm really intrigued to see how this story unfolds.

The covers haven't been released yet but there will also be a Superman novel by Matt de la Pina and a Catwoman novel by Sarah J. Mass.